Booking Terms & Conditions

In accordance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 of 13 To December on the protection of personal data agrees included that personal data will be provided at the time the reservation is in a file Hoteles Manila SA, based in Palma de Mallorca for the management of the reserve system, the processing of your application, control and management of relationships with web users, the reservations process and for the realization of statistical studies of the registered user at this site to design improvements in the services provided. All form fields marked as mandatory fields must be filled in correctly for the processing of their applications. The personal information will be disclosed to third parties only in accordance with legal obligations or with your consent. The user expressly agrees that the bank data is used to study the possible penalties for cancellations or no-show in the conditions of the fare selected address. The processing of their reserves inevitably mentioned treatment so that you can not carry out the process in case of refusal, to it. You may at any time exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition as more below.
Accuracy of the data
The user, in any case, if the accuracy of the data, SA Hoteles Manila the right service to any user that has made false statements to deny, without prejudice to other measures that are used in right.Likewise, the user must be properly authorized, to pass data to third parties. Only with the approval of future guests, users can record their name in the distribution section of rooms. Such information, which raise the selected hotel with a better service to its guests, is optional, so that its appropriation means by the user in its sole liability, assumption of the obligation to inform the content of our policy privacy before providing personal Information.
In compliance with the obligation according to. 22.2 of Law 34/2002 of 11 July, services of information society and electronic commerce, informs you that SA Hoteles Manila uses cookies. A cookie is a piece of text information that is transferred from sites to the hard disk of the computer to connect them. We use session cookies to identify you and maintain your ID. Session cookies are automatically deleted from your hard drive when the session ended. We also use cookies to obtain anonymous statistics, which we analyze together how visitors use our website to collect permit to improve it. Just get and hold the following information about visitors to our site:
a) The domain name provider (ISP) and / or IP address, which will give them access to the network. For example, a provider of user xxx only be identified by the domain and / or IP address. This allows us to provide statistics on the countries and servers that you visit most often to create our website.
b) The date and time you access our site. This allows us to determine the hours of heaviest traffic loads and make the necessary adjustments to avoid rush hour traffic jams.
c) The Internet address from which the link leads to our website. With these data, we know the effectiveness of different banners and links pointing to our server, promote, which provide better results.
d) The number of daily visitors to each section. This lets us know the most successful areas to intensify and improve their content so that users achieve a satisfactory result.
They allow us to obtain the following information:
a) The date and time of the last time you visited our site.
b) The design of the content that the user chose during your visit to our website.
c) Security elements involved in controlling access to certain areas.
While the information obtained is in principle completely anonymous, after 327/2003 of the Spanish Data Protection Agency report informs users that the data is recorded on a file containing personal data of SA Hoteles Manila for the above purposes, the user can exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, as indicated below.
Also employ remarketing tool Google Adwords. This tool allows you to access the Google content network post (more details on the Google Content Network here. AdWords ads on user previous visits to our site, including some of the pages of our website a code called "remarketing day. "These labels can be read and set cookies in your browser to the specific type of ad that appears to the user, depending on determined positions in connection with your visit to our website, for example, navigation circuit chosen to visit the specific pages or action that was done the same thing. Remarketing hereby created lists are stored in a database-servers from Google, all cookie ID with respect to any stores. list or category of interest The information obtained can only recognize a specific browser, Google can not identify a specific user only with this information (about remarketing tool at the following link: Adwords
Regarding SA Hoteles Manila, this information can only be associated with a specific user when the user is identified on the network, for example for filling out the booking process. In this case, the data thus obtained will be reported to SA Hoteles Manila, for marketing purposes and segmentation of web users to display marketing campaigns according to the interest while browsing design, incorporating the data into a file by that entity for the purposes described. To object to the processing and communication already mentioned, the user has the ability to disable cookies, as indicated below:
The user has the option not to receive cookies, or its location with the configuration of your browser will be informed accordingly. However, if you disable cookies, you may not be able to use the functionality of cookies web. in regards to remarketing, the user can disable cookies through Google, you can disable ban on advertising by visiting Google. DoubleClick cookies by selecting the DoubleClick opt page (in English). To disable the use of third-party cookies, the user can also visit the disqualification of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI, Network Advertising Initiative) (English site)). You can always have the right to exercise access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, as indicated below.
FILE for advertising purposes
The user wants to receive information about promotions, hotel Ipanema Park, to authorize the transfer of data for this purpose simply by the adoption of this Statement of Privacy. If, however, does not wish to receive specific information about the box should trigger exclusion. Only if consent, personal data required for the communication is transmitted Paraty Hotels AG and are used to inform you either by email or by other means, news, products and services for the company Quellyn BV Paraty SL From this moment on you will be informed that when they say that his will, his personal data to a file containing personal data of the company, responsible to access Manila Hoteles SA and the user will disconnect is entered, or to correct your data against their treatment by writing Hoteles SA to Manila as indicated below.
The rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition may be exercised accompanied by a copy of your ID card to the data file according to the address indicated below by letter:
- Paraty Hotels Ltd. C Jaen / 9, bldg 212 of Gaul, 11, CP 29 004 (Malaga)
- Manila Hoteles SA
The responsibility of the hotel
Access to the site is not in any case, the existence of a relationship between the user and Hotel Puente Real. The website offers information on hotel room only at the time of the request, so if you make the reservation on-line, direct contact with the hotel and not used the portal to machen. The printed version of the booking will serve youas the locator on arrival.
The reservation of hotel accommodation in this website implies acceptance and acceptance by customers of each and every one of the conditions set forth herein.
By agreeing to these terms means you accept, and agree:
1) be of legal age and have full capacity to make a reservation, stating that you understand and comprehend all the conditions found on the website.
2) That the data supplied when booking on-line are true, complete and concise.
3) Only those web pages contained within the site map.
4) Access to this website is the responsibility
5) that, once finalized, the booking was driving an electronic document file, you can access it at any time.
6) That the reservation confirmed that selected the given data, the number of rooms, the people and the hotel.
7) conditions and the first night they are explicitly express in terms of the tariff in the page that you make your booking including specified.
8) What is the relationship with the portal, it is possible to book rooms at the selected hotel through the website, but does not provide hotel services in their jurisdiction.
9) That the credit card data will be collected in order to guarantee your reservation. The payment of the same results with the selected hotel and only in the event of cancellation or no show (no show), go to the cancellation of the reservation and calculate the conditions of the fare shown to be effective.
10) Bids are only valid as long as they are available to beneficiaries.
The prices shown are recommended retail prices including VAT.
Included in price: select price per night depending on room type and price, except for hotels specifically noted the inclusion of other services.
Not included: Any service not provided plus extras like transfers, gratuities, telephone calls, laundry, minibar, parking, etc ...
Check (check in) and departure (check-out) as a rule and unless otherwise expressly agreed to the establishment, the rooms will be used after 14 clock on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 12 clock on departure.
Passports and Visas
All visitors, without exception (including children) must have their documentation in order for employees and family have to see whether the passport or identity card, which under the law. Will be paid by them, if they required travel visas, passports, vaccination records, etc. to obtain. Children under 18 must carry written permission signed by a parent or guardian, in the expectation that the same may be requested by an authority. If a grant of authority, visas for certain causes the user, or denied entry into the country because they made the requirements or errors in the documentation is required, or for non-carriers of the defect itself is rejected, the hotel is not responsible for the actions of these type is assumed, are established by the consumer costs, under these circumstances, the conditions and rules in case of no show.